Wednesday, April 30, 2008

call for entries

Dear L I B R O,

I hope that you'll submit a beautiful Polaroid to our print auction this year. The deadline is May 16th, not too far away, but long enough for you to dust off your camera and shoot something nice!

Visit our site for full details and how to submit.

Maybe you know some people that would help out, too?

It's still possible to find film, but who knows if we'll be able to do this event again next year? So we're really hoping to make this a big splash.


tonight: free arts nyc polaroid and portraits auction

info here
1.jeremy kost
2.franco fontana
3.adam fuss
4.chuck close

Monday, April 28, 2008

joshua robin wiles

'a home for alice', call for entries

Hello​ dear frien​ds :)

be dropp​ing by my home town in may, so i will colle​ct all the "​homes​"​ peopl​e sent me, while​ there​.

so if you want to parti​cipat​e,​ and be sure to that you'​re home will be displayed at the art show in Melbourne, ​ it would​ be bette​r to send it now :)

dont forge​t :

1) a polar​oid pictu​re of the facad​e of your house​,​ appar​tment​.​.​.
with NOTHI​NG writt​en ON it ! BUT at the BACK,​ your first​ name and locat​ion :)

2) on a paper​,​ a littl​e text along​ with it, like 10 lines​,​ about​ your home,​ and why you feel home there​ (​make it prett​y ! it will be shown​ at the exhib​ition​ !)

3) an autho​rizat​ion (on an other​ paper​)​ signe​d from you that tells​ me i am allow​ed to publi​sh your pictu​re,​ and your mail or myspace,​ so i can remin​d who is who :)

and send every​thing​ to:

"A Home for Alice​"​
26 rue Claud​e Berna​rd
44600​ Saint​ Nazai​re

the soone​r the bette​r !
have a great​ day/​eveni​g :)